3 Tips to Ensure Safe Summer Driving

Now that summer is approaching, I felt that it would be great to share some tips and tricks on driving in some of the weather that comes along with the warmer temperatures. This weather includes heavy rain and strong winds. From my past experience I found that it is best to be prepared.

Heavy Rain

Summer storms can approach quickly so it is best to know what to do ahead of time. When rain comes down heavily it can impair your vision and change the road conditions as rain accumulates. Start by taking the proper precautions:

  • Turn on your lights so that other drivers can see you
  • Turn on your wipers to help you see more clearly
  • Slow down

Beware of hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is when your vehicle loses contact with the road and skids across the top of the water. In the case your vehicle begins to hydroplane stay calm, let off the gas, and steer towards the direction you want to go. Avoid making any sharp movements or braking.

Strong Winds

As stronger winds develop, it is important to have full control of your vehicle. Start by gripping the wheel firmly to maintain control and prepare for unpredictable wind gusts. You may have to alter your steering to compensate for the gusts (depending on which direction they are coming from). Remember, when winds increase there is a higher chance for debris to be flying in the air or land on the road, so keep your eyes open.

Be Prepared

If it is unsafe to drive, pull over in a safe place and turn your hazard lights on. An emergency kit can be a very useful tool to have in your trunk in these situations. The National Safety Council provides a great list for putting together your own emergency roadside kit.

Learn More

Coaching New Drivers is dedicated to reducing vehicle collisions. To learn more about how we can help you and your teen, visit our home page. Check back to our blog each week for more tips and tricks for summer driving, winter driving and much more!


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Coach Bill

Coach Bill

Bill is the Managing Partner of Coaching New Drivers and has a vast background in driver education. Bill is passionate about technology-based driver assessment and has gained extensive knowledge and experience through lecturing on driving topics across North America, Australia, and Asia. Bill is a parent to two teens who he has also successfully coached during the Learner’s permit stage.

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