4 Reasons Why You Should Enrol Your Teen in a Driver’s Training Program

Before your teen goes to get their driver’s licence, they must get enough practice driving in different conditions (weather and road) and understand the rules of the road. A great way to assist you as a parent is to enroll your teen in a driver’s training program—there plenty of different programs that can cater to your teen’s needs.

Aside from teaching your teen how to drive, why should you consider enrolling your teen into a program? Here are four main reasons as to why you should:

  1. Your teen will learn above and beyond the rules of the road
  2. Your teen will get to practice with a professional instructor
  3. Your teen can save on insurance premiums
  4. Your teen can reduce statistics

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A significant aspect of driver’s training programs is that the student (your teen) will take so much knowledge out of the course as opposed to just reading the state or provincial learner’s manual. When it comes to driving, many factors need to be taken into consideration, which can be overwhelming for your new-driving teen. Driver education specialists have developed these programs, and they understand what your teen needs to know and how to portray the information to your teen.

8 danger zones

Did you know that eight danger zones result in the highest number of teen vehicle collisions? The eight danger zones include:

  1. Inexperienced drivers (your practice driving plus professional education is the solution)
  2. Teen passengers in the vehicle
  3. Driving at night
  4. Not using a seatbelt
  5. Distracted driving
  6. Fatigued driving
  7. Reckless driving
  8. Impaired driving

(CDC, 2020)

Information such as the eight danger zones is taught in-depth so that your teen understands how to identify them and avoid them. The more education your teen receives, the more prepared they will be to drive on the road.

Practice with a Professional

driver's training program

Most driver’s training programs provide a hands-on approach, which can be great for your teen. Many teens find it beneficial to have one-on-one training with a professional driving instructor who carefully walks them through each step. After practicing with a professional instructor, they will have plenty of time to practice their new skills with you! Keep in mind it is important that you and the driver’s education group you are working with are on the same page!  Visit the Driving School Association of the Americas website to find a great driving school in your state.

Save on Insurance Premiums

Insuring a newly licensed teen, can come with an expensive price tag. Yearly insurance for a teen averages approximately $3,000+ (depending on the state). The reason for the high cost is because these novice drivers pose a high risk to insurance companies. So, how do we reduce the risk the insurance companies have to take? Risk can be reduced by educating and ensuring your teen has ample practice driving through driver training programs.

For more information on how to save on your teen’s insurance premiums, check out our blog from a few weeks ago.

Reduce the Statistics

Over 2,500 teens were killed in vehicle collisions in the United States in 2017 (Edgar Snyder, 2020). The leading causes for these collisions fall into the eight danger zones. Together through education and training, we can ensure your teen is driving as safely as possible and start to reduce the number of teen vehicle collision fatalities.

Here at Coaching New Drivers, our vision is to equip parents and guardians with the proper tools to teach their teens to drive safely. Hand-in-hand with driver’s training, we can reduce the number of teen fatalities together.


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Coach Bill

Coach Bill

Bill is the Managing Partner of Coaching New Drivers and has a vast background in driver education. Bill is passionate about technology-based driver assessment and has gained extensive knowledge and experience through lecturing on driving topics across North America, Australia, and Asia. Bill is a parent to two teens who he has also successfully coached during the Learner’s permit stage.

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