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About the Program

Our program offers an opportunity for Affiliate Partners to elevate their mission of coaching new drivers and making our communities safer. With our program, you monetize your efforts by earning revenue with every purchase of the Coaching New Drivers program through your affiliate link. Let’s work together to create safer roads and boost your income at the same time!

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How the Program Works


Apply to become an Affiliate Partner and add our Coaching New Drivers program to your offering.


Get access to your Affiliate Partner Portal and utilize the free resources to help you promote and distribute the program.


Earn revenue with every purchase of the Coaching New Drivers program through your affiliate portal.


Track all purchases and revenue in your Portal. Automatic payments will be made directly to you.

Take Advantage of these Opportunities

Earn 50% of every successful purchase

You have the opportunity to earn 50% from every purchase made. That's right, we firmly believe in providing generous compensation to those who play a pivotal role in addressing a crucial social problem: teen driver-related vehicle collisions.

Simplified tracking and accounting tools

Leverage our user-friendly tracking and accounting tools, designed to simplify the process of monitoring progress and managing all funds raised. With our system, you can effortlessly stay on top of your campaign's performance and maintain transparent financial records.

Efficient Program

Utilize a digital affiliate program that requires no licensing, minimal time investment, or upfront marketing expenses. Experience a hassle-free opportunity that empowers you to maximize your earning potential effortlessly.

Social Impact

Enhance the readiness of new drivers and their coaches throughout their driver education program. Show your commitment to social responsibility by actively contributing to the safety of your community. Join us in our mission to create safer roads and empower the next generation of drivers!

Why become an Affiliate Partner

What the driving community are saying


Drive towards a safer future: Coach young drivers today!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a team group or audience that includes young Drivers you are in! 

There are no upfront or recurring costs to become an Affiliate Partner.

As an Affiliate Partner you are given access to your own private partner portal to view who has registered for the program and how much you have earned to date.

As part of the campaigns of socially responsible corporations, Coaching New Drivers is partnered with the Safe Roads Challenge where Safe Driving is rewarded through discount offers or coupons. The combination of awareness and training makes our young drivers more safe on the road.  Your clients will never be asked to purchase anything but may take advantage of the special offers from participating sponsors of the program, it is completely up to them!

Once approved you may choose to receive commission fees through PayPal, ACH, or check, subject to certain terms and conditions. 

No, there are no limits on the amount of revenue you can earn as an Affiliate Partner. 

There are restrictions on some methods of promotion and marketing which can be reviewed in the agreement you will receive once approved. 

You will be provided with numerous creatives in your Partner Portal including, but not limited to social media ads, email templates and ideas for promotion.

Approved links and creative materials will be provided within your affiliate portal. Outside of those resources, you cannot use promo codes, or incentivize referrals without express written consent from ProDriverHR. Please review our terms and conditions to ensure your promotional activity fully complies with our requirements.

Let's work together

Make your community safer while earning revenue!

Learn more how you can become an Affiliate Partner and coach the young drivers while making the roads safer for everyone.

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